2015: Geostrategic Chaos is the Lifeblood of the US Empire

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By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 26 December 2015

War is good for business as the likes of Babcock International, BAE Systems, Cobham, Boeing Defense, Haliburton, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Gruman and Ratheon, to name just a few, will tell you. While 2014 was a year that clearly demonstrated The Erosion of Democracy and Accountability, 2015 has shown how pain, suffering, death and destruction is the very lifeblood upon which the US Empire relies for its survival.

Mission Accomplished: NATO's ISAF Operations at Home & Abroad

Mission Accomplished - NATO's ISAF Operations at Home & Abroad.jpg

On Thursday 1 January 2015 the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) mission in Afghanistan came to an ignominious end: three days earlier, on the 28 December 2014, US Commander General John Campbell cowered from the Taliban in a secret ceremony in Kabul as he formally handed off Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) to Operation Resolute Support (ORS). The OEF mission is mostly noted for the death of belligerents from all sides of the conflict and its wholesale destruction of the nations infrastructure while ORS is famously noted for achieving ... well, nothing actually. Not unexpectedly, the Western Military Industrial Complex (MIC), an industry who had been in a severe recession for more then a decade, following the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 and the subsequent peace dividend that ensued in Europe, was rescued from the brink of bankruptcy and have profited enormously from the West's renewed military voyeurism.

Bombs Away! Ukrainian Junta Resumes its Policy of Ethnic Cleansing.jpg

Nearly three weeks later, in Eastern Europe on 18 January 2015, the Ukrainian puppet regime in Kiev, who had been installed by the US Empire back in February 2014, resumed its ethnic cleansing offensive against the Russian Ukrainian freedom fighters in the southeast of the country. The southeast of Ukraine, aka. the Donbass region, is the industrial powerhouse of the nation and has long since supported the former President, Viktor Yanukovych, who was ousted in the bloody Euromaiden coup d'état perpetrated by the EU, the UK and the US. On the first day of Kiev's renewed hostilities in the region more than 30 innocent men, women and children died. Naturally, the MIC have been keen to support the Kiev offensive and are known to have supplied a range of light and medium military armaments, including small and medium sized weapons, ammunition, non-lethal equipment, i.e. clothing, night vision and communications devices, and resupply of same as required to maintain the ongoing operation.

Déjà vu: Syria Battles the Axis of Evil Once Again

Déjà vu - Syria Battles the Axis of Evil Once Again.jpg

While the situation in Afghanistan and the Ukraine continued to simmer, in Syria, it was really starting to warm up, not just because Spring had arrived but a disparate range of terrorists were starting to pop up all over the country. The US Empire, Israel and Saudi Arabia are known to have inspired the Arab Spring, aka. the colour revolutions, in their quest for regional supremacy. Syria was at the tail end of those revolutions, which had mostly petered out by December 2012, but had long been on the West's list for regime change after President Hafez al-Assad, the father of the current incumbent. President Bashar al-Assad, closed the Trans-Arabian oil pipeline and shifted the country's allegiance to the Russian Federation. Hafez al-Assad had continually sought financial and military assistance from the West to facilitate the nations development, after being stripped of the majority of its assets by French colonial rule, but had been repeatedly refused. The West's response was to arm Syria's neighbours, in particular Israel and Saudi Arabia, who have fanned the flames of sectarian war in the region by getting those of differing beliefs to view each other as their enemy. Of course, the MIC has provided all the weapons systems that both Israel and Saudi Arabia have required to fulfil this objective as well as directly supplying the West's terrorist forces, i.e. almost all derivatives of al-Qaeda and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Western Hypocrisy Exposed - The Rise al-Qaeda and the Creation of ISIL in Syria.jpg

Four weeks later, on 18 May 2015, the full extent of Western complicity in the Syrian debacle was laid bare. In a US Department of Defense Information Report dated 5 August 2012, part of a much larger tranche of documents released to Judicial Watch on 18 May 2015 in their quest for the truth over the Benghazi, Libya debacle of 11 September 2012, the activities of al-Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) and the creation of ISIL, in both Iraq and Syria, were proven to be unequivocally a product of the US Empire, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other regional vassals. The report goes on to debunk the stenographic effluent routinely splattered all over the websites and front pages of the mainstream media: the Arab Spring uprising and ongoing conflict in Syria is a construct of the US Empire et al. who have provided both material and financial support for terrorists of all stripes for years and thus, by design, created the conditions for the formation of ISIL. Furthermore, there is now unequivocal proof that both the UK and the US, via the MIC, have been supplying the different terrorist groups within the region via Israel, Jordan and, in particular, Turkey.

US Coalition to Degrade & Destroy Iraq & Syria, Not ISIL

US Coalition to Degrade & Destroy Iraq & Syria, Not ISIL.jpg

For the next three months the situation in Iraq and Syria continued to deteriorate as various groups of insurgency forces, namely AQI, ISIL, Jabhat al-Nusra and Syrian separatists, to name just a few, expanded their operations throughout the region. The growth of these terrorist operations would not have been possible but for the support of the US coalition air campaign who have often targeted the Iraqi and Syrian armies and, more importantly, the infrastructure of each nation, respectively. It is now an acknowledged fact and common knowledge that the primary objective of the air campaign over both Iraq and Syria was to degrade and destroy the ability of these countries to function: the destruction of private housing, shops, retailers, markets, businesses, companies, schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, road, rail and air networks, i.e. to bomb the region back into the stone age, was the first stage of creating a Middle East that would be submissive and subservient to the US Empire. Thereafter, when the task was more or less complete, Iraq would be invited to host a permanent US military base and the legally constituted government of President Bashar al-Aasad would be ousted in a coup d'état in favour of a more compliant puppet regime. Nonetheless, the MIC have profited from the military equipment used in the preliminary phase of this endeavour but Western coporatists have been foiled in exploiting the spoils of war thus far.

Afghanistan - Taliban's Return Exposes Western Empire's Foreign Policy.jpg

While the Middle East continued to descend into chaos for a further two months, the situation was finally brought to an abrupt end in late September when the Russian Federation, at the request of President Bashar al-Assad, entered the fray. Subsequently, Russian forces, in coordination with the Syrian Arab Army, have managed to stabilise large swathes of the country and in many areas they have actually reversed the advances of the Western sponsored terrorists. Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, in late October, a resurgent Taliban have returned to Helmand Province in force. Most of the villages surrounding the regional capital of Lashkar Gar have been retaken by the former Islamic fundamentalist regime: Abdul, Gereshk, Jamal, Jay, Marjeh, Marjah, Nad-e Ali, Pada, Sagin, Yakhchal, Zara etc. have all recently fallen to the Islamists and now Lashkar Gar and Camp Bastion, currently an Afghan National Army (ANA) Base, are in imminent danger of being overrun. In fact, as the events over the last year have clearly shown, there are many areas of the country that have succumbed to the advancing Taliban forces who are even threatening the nations capital, Kabul. Naturally, the US Empire and the MIC have been more than happy to help, for a price.

In other words, 2015 has been a year in which the US Empire et al. views Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Ukraine as an enormous geopolitical and geostrategic testing facility where they get to try out their nefarious ideas, theories and policies, including the use of illegal and indiscriminate military force, with the desired objective of rendering these nation states and their wider regions into utter chaos. Should peace, stability and prosperity break out then impoverishment, death and destruction must be meted out with all possible haste so that the Empire can make its profit.

That the pain, suffering and death of the people in these countries, including the wholesale destruction of their livelihoods, is the very lifeblood upon which the US Empire relies is not in question. The question is, just how much longer will the people let them get away with it.

United we stand, divided we fall.