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By Ann-Marie de Veer
Wednesday 1 January 2014

I am very pleased to welcome everyone to this online digital magazine.

A key goal of this publication is to produce analytical and insightful independent journalism, of which I will be doing all the research, analysis, writing and technical support myself.

de Veer has three primary aims:

  • The first is to produce analytical and insightful independent journalism.
  • The second is to fulfil an obligation to the public in offering an unbiased view of the stories reported.
  • The third is to help, support and defend the right of adversarial journalism in developing accountability and transparency for the promotion of a healthy democratic society.

My long-term goal is to provide incisive independent adversarial journalism across a wide range of topics from criminal and civil justice abuses, civil liberty violations, media conduct, social inequality, security and secrecy, and all forms of financial and political corruption. I believe the value of journalism is that it can impose transparency, and thus accountability, on those who wield the greatest executive power in society.