US Empire: Syrian Regime Change Impossible, Let's Go Back to Libya

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ISIL terrorists pause in a battle near Sirte, Libya. Courtesy: Open Source

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 27 February 2016

On the 9 December 2012, in one of those rare moments in the West when its subservient mainstream media actually alluded to a smidgen of truth, the The Sunday Times in the UK aired (paywall) an Open Secret: the US Empire, aka. the Axis Forces, having illegally bombed and ousted the de facto Libyan leader, Colonel Muammar al-Gaddafi, forcibly sequestrated hundreds of tons of the country's heavy weapons and shipped them off to their newly created jihadist rebels in Syria, via Turkey. The online publication Business Insider (sans paywall) quickly followed with their own report which was picked up by another online publisher, Global Research (also sans paywall), in a follow-up article.

Not unexpectedly, the news failed to gain any traction among the rest of the West's media.

Replete with weapons, ammunition and supplies, the West's jihadists in Syria, initially a disparate group of local separatists who were recruited, funded and trained by the CIA and MI6 plus a range of al-Qaeda affiliates, some of whom morphed into the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), slowly but surely destroyed the country. Syria subsequently descended into utter chaos, a condition that is known to be the very lifeblood of the US Empire, and by late August 2015 it was patently obvious the West was using mission creep to secure its long sought after objective of regime change. However, when Russian Aerospace Forces entered into the fray on the 30 September 2015, the situation completely changed: the Russian Air Force, in support of the Syrian Army, the Iranian Army and Hezbollah forces from Lebanon, aka. the Alliance Forces, have, and continue to, target and destroy all terrorist forces in the country, much to the dismay of the US Empire et al.

Clearly the Axis Forces are vexed by this sudden turn of events, not just because their plan to overthrow the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, has been irrevocably thwarted but they are afraid that the terrorists they have spent years in cultivating, and the billions they have lavished on their support, are about to be wasted as they face complete annihilation by the Russian led Alliance Forces. The fact that President Putin is known to have made many attempts to secure a negotiated settlement to the debacle, but was repeatedly rebuffed by the Obama regime, and that the Axis Forces have now become desperate to agree on a ceasefire in the country to facilitate the retreat of their terrorist forces and military assets, is emblematic of the West's dishonest behaviour. Moreover, the US Empire et al. is also desperate to secure a peaceful settlement to the crisis in order to retain a strategic foothold in the region for the launch of nefarious operations at some point in the future.

That the primary objective of the Axis Forces in Syria is lost is no longer in question.

Thus, it is no coincidence that Libya, a nation mired in internecine warfare since NATO bombed it back into the stone age in 2011, should become the barracks and future home of the West's terrorists: Libya is quickly becoming the next staging post of differing terrorist factions, i.e. various derivatives of the al-Qaeda movement, ISIL, etc. who are fleeing from Syria and Iraq, with the aid and complicity of Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US, amongst others. Nearly three years of chaos and entrenched political differences, a construct of the US Empire, have created a natural home for the West's terrorists. The prospect of the United Nations (UN) in successfully coercing Libya's opposing politicians to sit at the same table in a unity government to rebuild the nation is, to a large degree, being stymied by the greed of the US Empire who seeks its spoils of war ... and so the hostilities continue.

Naturally, this state of affairs is yet another opportunity for the West.

For the last three years, France, the UK and the US have all been waging a secret war in Libya and have sought to undermine the establishment of representative parliamentary democracy in the country fearing the loss of both the oil and gas assets they have misappropriated and the allocation of infrastructure rebuilding contracts to their competitors. However, their duplicitous behaviour has not helped them to secure the assets and contracts they desire. In fact, their predominately covert actions have bitterly angered most of Libya's politicians who no longer have any faith in the US Empire and are unwilling to acquiesce to their demands. While the West generally, and NATO specifically, are no longer in a position to bomb the Libyan's into submission, the Empire can, and have, imported their own terrorists to do the job for them.

The fact that there are now a range of disparate terrorist groups in Libya, all vying for territory and control, i.e. the Wahhabists, al-Qaeda affiliates and ISIL, where previously there were none, is symptomatic of the chaos the US Empire seeks in sustaining its global dominance.

That Libya has regained the focus of the Evil Empire is not in doubt. What is in doubt is how much death and destruction the Empire will exact upon the Libyan people this time before they move on to their next target.

The wake of an Empire is littered with the death and destruction of innocent people.
Ann-Marie de Veer