Turnbull Invites Nuclear Armageddon to Australia

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RAAF Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Courtesy: Open Source

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 12 March 2016

In late June 2012 the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a Washington DC based warmongering think tank who are funded by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC), filed a report for the US Department of Defense: the US Force Posture Strategy in the Asia Pacific Region report advocated, among a litany of other military voyeuristic proposals, the forward deployment of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier group at Her Majesty's Australian Ship (HMAS) Stirling near Rockingham, Perth in Western Australia. When the report was made public by its authors in early August 2012, who were presenting it to the Armed Services Committee in the US Congress, a furore erupted in Australia. The Australian public vehemently objected to the CSIS proposal of deploying US forces on their soil and the Defence Minister at the time, Stephen Smith, was forced to repudiate the notion while his boss, Julia Gillard, an incompetent despot and a servile flatterer of the Obama regime, remained mute.

As oft is the case, the Western mainstream media, a sycophantic arm of the US Empire, only briefly touched on the issue and then quietly filed it in the don't-go-there cabinet to be ignored until one of their organisations require additional funding.

Nonetheless, while the HMAS Stirling deployment has effectively been shelved by the untimely broadcast by CSIS staff in the US, there have been numerous other developments. The deployment of US Marines to the Robertson Barracks, near Darwin, Northern Territory was formerly agreed by Gillard and Obama in November 2011 and while the initial rotation of troops have been limited to just a few hundred personnel, it is expected to reach a maximum of 2500 by early 2017. However, the key objective of this small contingent of marines is not to pre-position forces and train them to counter a perceived invasion from the North but to undertake the care and maintenance of a growing inventory of US military equipment that is being stored at Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) stations' Darwin and Tindal nearby. The RAAF are also involved in another subterfuge at the behest of the Obama regime: the runways at most of their operational stations are being extended to 3,000 metres. The purpose of this work is not to accommodate their forthcoming acquisition of the new F-35A Lightning Joint Strike Fighter aircraft, which can easily get airborne in less than 2,000 metres even when fully loaded, but to provide a range of stations from which large military aircraft, in particular the B-1 long-range heavy duty nuclear bomber, can operate from in the US Empires quest to contain China.

RAAF Tindal, Northern Territory, Australia. Courtesy: Open Source

Naturally, successive regimes in Australia have sought to hide this mission creep from the people as much as possible for fear of retribution at the ballot box: the vast majority of the Australian public are resolute in their belief that the country does not need any foreign military bases and are prepared to punish any politician and/or political party who should choose to foist such an aberration upon them. Nevertheless, evidence of the collusion and duplicity of Australian politicians can easily be found on this issue: in May last year, when Tony Abbott was the incumbent despot in charge, the US Assistant Secretary of Defense, David Shear, announced in testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee that there were plans to strengthen the US military presence in Australia, which included the use of its RAAF stations as forward operating bases for the B-1 bomber. Abbott quickly denounced Shear, claiming that he had misspoke and that no B-1 bombers or other aircraft would be either based or rotated through Australia.

Clearly, there can be no doubt whatsoever that successive regimes in Australia have colluded with the US Empire to deceive their own people for decades: politicians on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, ably supported by their financiers in the Military Industrial Complex, have sought to manipulate and manage public opinion into acquiescing over the warmongering doctrine of their paymasters. That the Australian public have previously, and continue to, baulk at the militarisation of their nation is a cause for concern among its politicians whose livelihoods are partially dependent on the MIC.

Notwithstanding the Australian public's animosity towards the deployment of foreign military bases and personnel, the militarisation of the Northern Territory in Australia became an open secret yet again on Monday 7 March 2016 when US Air Force (USAF) Commander General Lori Robinson announced that the Obama regime would like to station B-1 nuclear bombers, and other aircraft assets, at either RAAF Darwin and/or RAAF Tindal. Not unexpectedly, the current despot in charge of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull, would neither confirm nor deny the now public open secret, preferring instead to obfuscate the issue for fear of jeopardising his chances at being re-elected to office in the general election to be held later this year.

However, all is not what it seems.

The deployment of additional US military assets to RAAF Darwin and/or RAAF Tindal, rather than to Japan or South Korea, is primarily predicated on the basis that Australia is beyond the furthest reaches of China's Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM's) and its more recently developed Cruise Missile (CM) capabilities. The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

It is common knowledge that both China and Russia have a fleet of nuclear powered submarines armed with ICBM's capable of carrying conventional as well as nuclear warheads. Clearly Australia could be, and probably is, within range of one, or more, of these submarine assets at any one time, as is the rest of the world. Nonetheless, the notion that either country have, or are in the process of, specifically targeting Australia is laughable. Moreover, China has repeatedly stated its policy with regards to the use of nuclear weapons as a no-first-nuclear-strike doctrine unlike the US Empire who have not disavowed a first-use scenario. Thus, in the event that the US Empire should find itself on the losing side in a conventional war with China in the Asia Pacific Region, an outcome that is becoming increasingly likely given that Russia would probably come to China's aid, then it is quite conceivable that they would use the nuclear option.

In other words, the Obama regime, after being invited by the Turnbull dictatorship, have just painted an enormous target on continental Australia and nuclear armageddon awaits its people.

The most difficult choice a politician must ever make is whether to be a hypocrite or a liar.