Turnbull's Chariot: Out of Control, No Wheels & the Horses Have Fled

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Courtesy: Friday Mash

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 16 January 2016

After stabbing his opponent in the back, the assailant quickly mounted his chariot and sped off. As the vehicle picked up speed it began to career aimlessly out of control and it was not long before smoke was seen billowing from its solitary axle. Bereft of grease, the wheels finally ground to a shuddering halt and then fell off, literally moments before the horses slipped their reins and fled.

Tony Abbott's tenure as the 28th Prime Minister of Australia was short lived, just less than two years, ending on 14 Septenber 2015: Malcolm Turnbull, who had previously been ousted by Abbott on 1 December 2009 as the leader of the Liberal Party, simply returned the political favour, albeit this time whilst in office. Abbott was widely acknowledged as nothing more than a vicious dictator who revelled in the human misery of an illegal asylum policy and, contrary to international law, the unlawful extension of bombing operations in the Middle East to include Syria while economic incompetence, heralded by a massive budget blow-out, and rising unemployment sealed his fate domestically. Turnbull did nothing, Abbott simply engineered his own demise.

On the 15 September 2015, Turnbull was elected to be the head of the Australian Liberal Party and, by default, the country's new Prime Minister, aka. the Despot in Charge (DIC): it is worth noting that Australia is yet another nation that was subjugated by the heinous crimes of the former British Empire who mercilessly murdered the vast majority of its native inhabitants and stole their lands, akin to Canada, New Zealand, the US et al. The DIC, aka. Turnbull, was quick to reward his most sycophantic of supporters in the Liberal Party room who had voted him into office plus a few National Party and Liberal National Party members who are joined at the hip members of the ruling Liberal and National coalition. A few days later, on 21 September 2015, the DIC's chariot started to career out of control, and in particular, when he appointed Malcolm Brough as the Special Minister of State, aka. Minister of Government Integrity.

Brough's political career is mired in skulduggery and incompetence: as a former Australian Army Officer who is known to be a few bricks short of a full hod, Brough's rise, and fall, in both State and Federal politics is replete with examples of unscrupulous behavior and trickery coupled with poor judgement and a woeful lack of skills for high office. At the time of his appointment Brough was, and still is, under investigation by the Australian Federal Police for lying, an investigation that has yet to be resolved. That the DIC should actually appoint Brough in the first place, being fully cognisant of his publicly acknowledged shortcomings, is, in itself, a damning indictment of its own lack of judgement and yet this parlous situation is further exacerbated by the DIC's inability to recognise the public's diminishing lack of trust in a Minister of Government Integrity whose own integrity is subject to an ongoing investigation into ... well, his integrity.

Similarly, also on the 21 September 2015, there was another intellectually challenged member of the DIC's regime appointed to a Government Ministry: Jamie Briggs was given the brief for the Minister for Cities and the Built Environment. However, Briggs's reputation as one of Canberra's playboys, being notorious for his loudmouth and drunken behaviour, should really have been made the Minister for Drunken Exuberance, Destruction of State Property and Lewdness. Briggs is known to have become drunk, acted inappropriately and smashed state property at Abbott's farewell party in September at the parliament building in Canberra, shortly before being appointed as a Minister. Later, in November 2015, whilst on an official overseas visit to Hong Kong, Briggs again became drunk and this time made inappropriate advances to a female member of the Australian staff who was part of the visiting delegation.

Not unexpectedly, the DIC was careful to ensure that both Brough and Briggs resigned during the Christmas - New Year break, on the 29 December 2015, to avoid the prolonged debate in the media the debacle deserved. Nonetheless, by this time the solitary axle of his chariot was in flames, the wheels had seized and had promptly fallen off.

While the appointment of Briggs, akin to Brough, clearly demonstrates a serious error in the judgement of the DIC, this is just one in a catalogue of errors his regime has made since coming to power in September 2015.

When Turnbull challenged Abbott, the previous DIC, for the leadership of the Liberal Party in September 2015 he cited Abbott's poor performance in the polls, over an extended period of time, and mismanagement of the nations economy, given the increasing budget deficit, as the primary reasons for a change in the direction of the regime. However, since the new DIC, Turnbull, has assumed office, absolutely nothing has changed, except for the worse: the economy is on the verge of a recession and the budget deficit is still growing; the current approach to climate change and carbon pricing is woefully inadequate and per-capita CO2 emissions are continuing to rise; marriage equality, an issue widely supported by the general public, has been delayed yet even further. These are just a few of the many issues in which the new regime has failed to take the initiative. In fact, contrary to the slogan espoused by the DIC back in late September of a 21st Century Government, it is nothing more than a regime where style over substance has prevailed to the detriment of the nation and its people.

There can be little doubt about the horses pulling the Turnbull chariot, who have been flogged to death by an incompetent DIC, that they have slipped their reins and are now looking for pastures new. In other words, this DIC is worse than the old DIC and its time to start looking for a new DIC.

Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence.