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Saudi Regime Creating Wahhabist Caliphate in the Middle East

Saudi Regime Creating Wahhabist Caliphate in the Middle East.jpg

In early January 2015 there were numerous reports throughout the media in the Middle East that low-flying cargo aircraft, without any identifying insignia to distinguish its country of origin, were dropping weapons and supplies in Iraq on territory known to be held by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). When the Iraqi Army shot down two UK aircraft in Al-Anbar Governorate in February 2015 followed by the discovery of a cache of Saudi supplied food and ammunition in Tikrit, Saladin Governorate, in March 2015, the US Empire shifted its insurgency support operations from Iraq to Syria. While ISIL continued its operations in Iraq, albeit in holding mode, those areas in Syria that were bordered by Israel and Turkey quickly became the new growth areas for meting out chaos, death and destruction as well as the primary routes for the re-supply of the Empires insurgents and for the sale of the oil they had plundered from both countries.

The US Empire, in particular Israel, Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, the UK and the US, who have unequivocally been proven to have created, trained and financed all of the terrorist factions in the region including ISIL, had been rumbled.

US Asian Pivot in Tatters as India & Thailand Escape From its Grasp

US Asian Pivot in Tatters as India & Thailand Escape From its Grasp.jpg

In late November 2011 the Obama regime in the US announced that it would be seeking to shift its current interventionist foreign policy away from the Middle East to the Asian Pacific, a policy more commonly known as the Pivot to Asia. The rationale for this change in its military emphasis was to contain a growing power in the region, China, and to reassert its former military and economic hegemony upon its Southeast Asian vassals, i.e. Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, South Korea, Vietnam and, of course, India and Thailand. Naturally the Middle Kingdom, a direct translation of 中国 (China), were none to pleased with the move but it was not unexpected given that China had risen from relative economic obscurity to becoming the world's second largest economy in just 30 years.

The Indian Bengal tiger rises.

India, a former colony of the British Empire, has been traversing a political canyon for decades with one foot on the peaks in the East and the other on the ridges in the West. This balancing act has, thus far, allowed the nation to remain a relatively independent country that has largely escaped the vagaries of the US Empire, i.e. its global economic and military projects in overthrowing and/or assimilating geostrategic or resource rich nations.

Golan Heights: Israel to Steal Syrian Oil Regardless of the United Nations

Golan Heights - Israel to Steal Syrian Oil Regardless of the United Nations.jpg

Late last year, on 7 October 2015, Israel quietly announced that it had discovered massive oil reserves in the Golan Heights: the Golan Heights is an area of the Syrian Arab Republic that has been illegally occupied by the Israeli's since they waged an unprovoked war of aggression, i.e. the Six Day War in 1967, against Egypt, Jordan and Syria. The lucrative find, estimated to contain billions of barrels of oil as well as millions of cubic metres of gas, is set to dwarf the Middle Eastern nations daily consumption of hydrocarbons and has the capacity to significantly reverse its fortunes in becoming a major exporter of energy resources instead of being a net importer.

The fact that the Israeli regime carried out the geological surveys required to discover these reserves at a time when Syria was on the point of collapse, clearly demonstrates the insidious nature of its current dictator, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has, right from the very beginning of the Syrian conflict, taken an active role in the attempted overthrow of the legally constituted government of President Bashar al-Assad.

Economic Terrorists: The Desperation of the US Empire et al.

Economic Terrorists - The Desperation of the US Empire et al. 1.jpg

The Oxford English Dictionary defines the word terrorism as the unofficial or unauthorised use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. In the years that have passed since the violent attacks of the 11 September 2001 in New York, a series of events that have, as yet, not been fully explained by the authorities, there is no universal agreement on the definition of terrorism given that political expedience often dictates its meaning. While the September 2001 attacks, following independent analysis of what little material evidence remains, clearly bear all the hallmarks of a state sponsored false flag operation, the narrative of successive regimes in the US has been to obfuscate the truth surrounding these events and to deceive the American people ... a form of psychological terrorism not unlike that used on the occupants of Airstrip One (formerly known as Great Britain), a province of Oceania, in the dystopian novel 1984.

While the fluidity of the term terrorism is occasionally the cause of much derision among those regimes who seek its protection for their own nefarious activities, their remit is a spent cause as the lack of universal agreement on its meaning naturally lends credence to those who dare to hold the real terrorists, i.e. the US Empire et al. who misuse and abuse it, to account for their activities.