Operation Volte-Face: The Nation State of Kurdistan

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A member of the Kurdish PKK, Turkey. Courtesy: Open Source

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 6 September 2014

In the latest machinations of the Evil Empire (eEmpire), the US and its vassal states, the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand plus its third-party cohorts in the West, have completed the political equivalent of a gymnastic Tkachev Salto, by calling Operation Volte-Face on the Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad.

The eEmpire has long courted regime change in Syria, going back to the early days of the current al-Assad's government, when the UK and the US, in particular, accused the nation of harbouring and supporting terrorists. That Israeli forces were the only terrorists in Syria at that time, having occupied the Golan Heights on the Syrian/Israeli border since the Six Day War of 1967 and is still the terrorist today, as seen in its recent illegal land grab of Palestinian territory, is rarely challenged. Of course, these facts are becoming increasingly irrelevant in a campaign where geo-political supremacy and by design, the mineral wealth deposits therein, are paramount.

However, now that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have broken loose from their mentors and paymasters, akin to the Mujahideen of Afghanistan who morphed into the Taliban in the late 80's, the eEmpire fears its interests in the region are about to be seriously compromised.

The irony that just over a year ago the eEmpire was calling for military action against the al-Assad government, but lost its impetus as first the UK parliament rejected military intervention followed swiftly by US reluctance to go-it alone, is one of many examples of a serious deficit in its collective foreign policy.

Rand Paul identifies the issues in sending arms to Syrian on 28 May 2013. Courtesy: YouTube

And so, the al-Assad government has gone from being one of the Worlds' pariahs to regional darling in just twelve months.

Of course, the notion that ISIL is an unforeseen and relatively new development is patently false, the US were fully aware back in 2012 that their shipments of arms to the Syrian rebels, routed via Saudi Arabia and Qatar, were more likely to end up in the hands of the hardline radical jihadists fighting al-Assad than the secular opposition groups they were hoping to support.

The eEmpire has thus created a monster, completely lost control of it and does not have a coherent plan to get rid of it.

Enter the Kurds, from northeast Syria, eastern Turkey, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran.

Many Kurdish nationalist organisations have longed for an independent nation state of Kurdistan, free from the imposition of borders hastily drawn up after World War II, but have never been able to sufficiently mount a serious challenge to their current hosts. While some of these groups have been able to secure a degree of autonomy, namely the Iraqi Kurds in 1970 and more recently the Syrian Kurds, the others have been in a constant struggle with their nation states as they continue to seek their independence.

And yet, the eEmpire is now going to give them exactly what they have been yearning for as the US, the UK and Australia, plus others, give them the weapons they need to fight the foe the eEmpire has created, ISIL.

While this may be lauded as the least worst option by some in resolving the problems in the region, there are others who believe that caution and restraint are more appropriate.

Kurdistan. Courtesy: Open Source

Nonetheless, as history records, the eEmpire created this situation a little over 65 years ago and have continued to exacerbate it, as well as add new problems since. The issue they now face is that there is a complete lack of public support in the West for any direct military intervention in the region, given their lies and deceit over the illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, and they have no option but to facilitate the Kurds in slaying the monster.

Thus, Kurdistan has come of age.

In other words, we, the eEmpire, believe that the Kurds, like the Israeli's, are our friends now and we look forward to them protecting our assets in the future. Of course we may have been a little hasty in drawing the borders back in the 1945 San Francisco Peace Conference but we are finally addressing that now. Naturally, we will expect Kurdistan to help us monitor our NATO ally, Turkey, who have not been as cooperative as we would have wished for recently and assist in the forthcoming terrorism, subversion and overthrow of the al-Assad government, just as soon as we have completed our aerial reconnaissance. As for Iraq, there are no issues there, we can easily insert a new puppet as required but we will need Kurdistan's assistance in the infiltration of Iran over the next few years. Naturally, we will give Kurdistan a slice of Iran as soon as we have overthrown their government, again. Operation Volte-Face will surely be a win win situation for the new fledgling nation state of Kurdistan and the eEmpire.

If the devil is your friend then your enemy will be your saviour.
Ann-Marie de Veer