Mission Creep: The Western Empire Closes in on Syria

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US Air Force F-15E Strike Eagles over Northern Iraq. Courtesy: Open Source

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 29 August 2015

Given that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) have clearly demonstrated their reluctance to adhere to the original plan devised by their creators, suppliers, mentors and former partners, aka. the US led Western Empire, to overthrow the legally constituted government of Bashar al-Assad in Syria as well as wreak havoc throughout the Middle East, the Empire has become increasingly impatient. The US, and its most sycophantic puppet the UK, are known to be the primary belligerents responsible for the current spate of unrest in the region but are now clearly troubled by the fact that their erstwhile terrorist partners have embarked on their own nefarious plans rather than concentrating on the Empire's primary objective.

Of course, the notion that ISIL represents a serious threat to the Western Empire is, quite frankly, laughable: ISIL, akin to the Mujahideen and al-Qaeda, are simply agents of a Western Imperialist foreign policy whose effectiveness and viability can largely be controlled, if and when necessary. Nonetheless, the fact that ISIL have been thumbing their nose at their overlords as they seek to establish their own Caliphate in the region has caused alarm among some of the neo-fascist elements of the Empire, e.g. Abbott (Australia), Harper (Canada), Netanyahu (Israel), Erdoğan (Turkey), Cameron (UK) and Obama (US), whose current primary objective, a Syrian coup d'état, appears to be slipping from their grasp. That Syria has not been extracted, forcibly or otherwise, from the orbit of the Russian Federation , is clearly vexing a small coterie of Western dictators.

Mission creep to the rescue.

On the 17 July 2015 it became common knowledge that the UK's Royal Navy and Royal Air Force had a number of pilots embedded with the Canadian and US military forces and were actually bombing Syria. The fact that Cameron, the despotic head of a neo-fascist regime in the UK, had first sought authority from Parliament in August 2013 to launch military operations in Syria, but was refused, mattered little: Cameron was determined to flout the democratic will of both the people, who railed against yet another illegal war, and Parliament by unilaterally authorising mission creep in his quest for personal glory as he had done previously in the overthrow of Gaddafi in Libya in October 2011. Later, on 9 August 2015, we learned of yet more mission creep when a UK Army Unit know as the Special Air Service (SAS) was reported as having carried out an operation in Syria: yet another instance of the democratic will of the people and Parliament being flouted by the Cameron regime. Of course, these are just two of many illegal military activities that have been undertaken in Syria that we know about: clearly there are many more operations, past and present, that we have yet to discover.

That Cameron is a hedonistic military voyeur is obvious, but he is not alone.

Abbott, the Australian dictator who is known to be an habitual liar, is clearly desperate to join the illegal activities of Canada and the US in laying Syria to waste. In a clear case of deceptive doublespeak, a conjunction of George Orwell's prescient novel 1984 and its concepts of doublethink and newspeak, Abbott has manipulated the narrative on his discourse with the Obama regime in the US from his own desperate plea to join in the fight to a Whitehouse request for assistance.

Similarly, Netanyahu, the despotic war criminal responsible for the death of more than 2300 Palestinians and wounding a further 10,600 in the Israeli-Gaza Strip conflict, is already engaged in the conflict. Netanyahu has been actively pushing the territorial boundaries in the Israeli occupied area of the Golan Heights, a region internationally recognised as Syrian territory, by engaging in false flag operations to justify the ground assaults and aerial bombardments that have since followed.

Erdoğan, a latecomer to the overt activities of the Empire, is yet another dictator responsible for the death and destruction of innocent civilians, namely the Kurds, in eastern Turkey. It is common knowledge that his regime have been actively supporting ISIL, in their targeting of the Kurdish strongholds in Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey, as he seeks to reduce the power and influence of the Kurds in the region. However, ISIL have since moved on and the threat of a resurgent Kurdish population has re-emerged. The fact that Syria is on Erdoğan's to-do-list is also common knowledge.

That the military voyeurism among this coterie of neo-fascists is now perceived as a minor political peccadillo by a subservient mainstream media is, in itself, particularly troubling, but it is not the key issue.

What is more important here is that representative parliamentary democracy is being systematically subverted by a monstrous cabal of dictators, namely Abbott, Cameron, Erdoğan, Harper, Netanyahu and Obama, as the primary belligerents of the Western Empire: that is, democracy is being sacrificed on the altar of hedonistic voyeurs whose thirst for power and control is at the expense of those who they claim they seek to protect, and those they are meant to serve in their home constituencies.

That mission creep now pervades Operation Inherent Resolve is not in question.

All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.
孙武, 《孙子兵法》 (Sun Wu, 'Art of War')