Merkel's Reich: Incompetent or Complicit in BND/NSA Relationship

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Merkel. Courtesy: Fabrizio Bensch

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 9 May 2015

On the 23 October 2013, an apparently indignant Chancellor Merkel was seen to strongly rebuke the US and its National Security Agency (NSA) for having monitored her mobile phone for the last ten years: Merkel's comments, in both tone and content as widely reported by a sycophantic and subservient mainstream media in the West, were of surprise, disbelief and disgust.

Merkel, via her spokesman Steffen Seibert: The Chancellor had made it clear that if it is true, she unequivocally condemns such practices and regards it as unacceptable. This would be a serious breach of trust. Such practices should be stopped immediately. (der Spiegel - 23 October 2013)

However, the truth is that Merkel was simply pandering to her electorate on the issue of German complicity in mass surveillance by the NSA having just been re-elected on 22 September 2013 as Chancellor for a third successive term in office. The Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) have long since been known to have actively collaborated with the NSA in their illegal mass surveillance activities. The fact that she, Merkel, is known to have vacillated on the issues raised in the weeks before her re-election, i.e. since the revelations sourced by whistleblower Edward Snowden were first published by The Guardian and The Washington Post on the 6 June 2013, and has continued to vacillate, obfuscate and dissemble, is common knowledge.

Nonetheless, eighteen months have since passed and while Merkel, her Chancellery and members of her administration have all been implicated, to varying degrees, in the illegal activities of the BND, none of them have been held to account: that is, until now.

On the 23/24 April 2015 the German news media company Süddeutsche Zeitung posted numerous articles online detailing the BND's complicity in facilitating NSA requests in spying on European political and economic targets, namely: the French government, the European Union, the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company and Airbus Helicopters, among thousands of others. Thus, there can no longer be any doubt about the true intent of the NSA, on behalf of the Obama regime in the White House: these programs are not primarily designed to target so-called terrorists but to engage in the much more profitable and influential tasks of conducting political and economic espionage on their friends throughout Western Europe, including Germany.

At first, Merkel's silence was deafening. Then, almost two weeks later, sensing the imminent demise of her Chancellorship, her regime and ultimately the Fourth Reich, she finally pronounced on the issue:

My government will fully cooperate with a parliamentary investigation (German Bundestag Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry into the NSA (aka. Untersuchungsausschus ("NSA"))) and provide all the details it needs.

But in tempering the vigour of that inquiry, she went on to say:

The ability (of the BND) to carry out its duties in the face of international terrorism threats is done in cooperation with other intelligence agencies, and that includes first and foremost the NSA.

Adding, as if to justify the BND's illegal activities:

Intelligence agencies are working to ensure the public's safety and the German government will do everything it can to ensure that it can carry out its job.

While Merkel's response was both tardy and lacking in detail, as oft has been the case in her handling of similar issues regarding the BND and its relationship with the NSA, the most important topics of oversight, supervision and responsibility were completely ignored.

Merkel's Reich

The BND, akin to the UK's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), are subject to a parliamentary oversight committee whose role is to oversee and supervise the activities of the German security services. Additionally, unlike the UK, there is a department within the German Chancellery who also exercise powers of oversight, supervision and assumes overall responsibility for the security services on behalf of the Chancellor, Merkel, who bears ultimate responsibility.

Thus, if Merkel should claim ignorance then she is incompetent. If she is not incompetent then she must be complicit and a habitual liar.

That Merkel's Reich is guilty of incompetence or complicity is obvious. What is not so obvious is how much longer the German people will tolerate a Chancellor and an administration they can no longer trust to uphold the responsibilities of the offices they hold.

No one lies so boldly as the man who is indignant.
Friedrich Nietzsche