Jordan: Abdullah al-Hussein Risks Annihilation in Filling Turkish Void

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Jordan-Syria Tal Shihab border crossing: Jordanian access road upgraded to facilitate movement of heavy military vehicles. Courtesy: Open Source

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 2 January 2016

On 22 September 2014 the Royal Jordanian Air Force (RJAF) was among the vanguard of participants in the US inspired, illegal, and currently ongoing, military campaign in Syria, named later as Operation Inherent Resolve (OIR). The RJAF's involvement in OIR, an operation more accurately described as a wicked, immoral and illegal campaign mounted by the US Empire and its sycophantic vassals to wreak utter havoc in Iraq, Syria and the wider Middle East in its quest to undermine, and destroy if necessary, all non-compliant nation states and insert puppet regimes as required, was simply an escalation of Jordan's involvement in the ongoing regional revolutionary wave of demonstrations, protests, riots, and civil wars, aka. the Arab Spring, that had been engineered earlier by the US Empire et al.

In late 2011, Abdullah bin al-Hussein, the despotic head of the Jordanian dictatorship, is known to have hosted the British Security Intelligence Service, aka. MI6, and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who were mounting cross-border operations into Syria aimed at creating dissatisfaction, disaffection and sectarian strife among the people, i.e. the Syrian Arab Spring. Little more than a year later in early 2013, the al-Hussein regime were busy playing host to French, UK and US military training missions that created the separatist forces who have rendered the country into absolute chaos and sought to overthrow its democratically elected President and head of state, Bashar al-Assad. More recently, it has now become common knowledge that Jordan, a nation of Sunni Islam adherents, continues to provide extensive logistical support and safe-haven for the rest and recuperation of not only the separatists it helped to create as well as the numerous al-Qaeda factions that are waging a sectarian war in the country but also members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who are intent on creating a fundamentalist Wahhabi Sunni Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, akin to the murderous regime in Saudi Arabia.

It is no coincidence that the RJAF have long since shifted their illegal bombing of Syria to Yemen in targeting the Shiite minority, aka. the Houthis, in support of the sectarian war being waged there by Saudi Arabia.

Al-Hussein of Jordan to fill the void in Syria vacated by Erdogan of Turkey.

The activities of the Erdogan regime, a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), in supporting terrorists of all stripes in Syria is now a matter of public record: for the last five years Erdogan has sought to destabilise and destroy the nation state of Syria by whatever means including the recruitment, training, arming, funding and hospitalisation, when needed, of all terrorist factions in exchange for the oil and cultural artifacts these groups have plundered from Iraq and Syria. These illegal acts have only recently been curtailed by the Russian Federation who, in collaboration with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), Iran and the Lebanese Hezbollah, have exposed the duplicity of Turkey, and by implication NATO, and have aided the Kurds in closing the Syrian-Turkish border to the nefarious trade.

Naturally, the al-Hussein regime have been waiting for this opportunity as evidence of its preparation and resupply activities clearly shows: on the Jordanian side of the Tal Shihab border crossing from Syria to Jordan, the primary access road has been upgraded to facilitate the transport of heavy weapons and armaments and is now in regular use. A little further to the east, at the Daraa border crossing, an arterial route from Ramtha in Jordan to Daraa in Syria, the road has witnessed a considerable increase in cross-border traffic, mainly in the form of light weapons, ammunition and personnel flowing from Jordan into Syria. As the border continues eastwards, at the Nassib crossing, which is the principal arterial route linking Jordan, the Mafraq district, with a host of small cities in Southwest Syria, there is now a constant flow of personnel and supplies heading north while an increasing number of terrorist casualties head south. More worryingly, for the Syrians who are sheltering in the Ar Ruwayshid refugee camp in the east of Jordan, the al-Ruwashid border crossing route, east of Nassib, has also seen increased activity as more and more ISIL terrorists seek respite from the advancing SAA.

While al-Hussein may not be be reaping the riches that were once enjoyed by the Erdogan regime, he is being more than adequately compensated for his toady subservience to the US Empire by the flow of plundered Iraqi oil that is being trucked via the many official, and unofficial, border crossings in the east of the country. Nonetheless, the al-Hussein regime is not simply abusing the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria for short-term monetary gain: al-Hussein is interested in subjugating Syria for geopolitical and geostrategic reasons which include being a Sunni Islam nation allied to the US Empire, akin to Saudi Arabia, plus the resurrection of the Trans-Arabian oil pipeline and, more importantly, the construction of the newly proposed Qatar-Turkey natural gas pipeline. The security that such an allegiance offers coupled with the refurbishment, construction and product transiting fees of these two pipeline projects alone would secure the despotic kingdom for at least another 30 years or more.

Of course, it it not in the interests of either Russia or Syria that either of these pipelines should come to pass as they have their own oil and gas supplies to market, unlike Jordan who is in fact a resource poor nation.

Clearly al-Hussein is playing a very dangerous game, a game that could easily see him being ousted in a bloody coup d'état if the Russian Federation and the SAA were to push the terrorists south into Jordan. Thus, while filling the void left by the Erdogan regime may be simply an opportunistic foray into the geopolitics of the region, the geostrategic implications of both his actions and his ambitions are much less certain, especially for a country that is not a member of NATO.

If ignorant of both your enemy and yourself, you are certain to be in peril.
孙武, 《孙子兵法》 (Sun Wu, 'Art of War')