Harper's Regime Exports Western Neo-Fascism to Ukraine

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Canadian Military Police. Courtesy: Blair Gable

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 13 December 2014

On Monday 8 December 2014 the Canadian Defence Minister Rob Nicholson and his Ukrainian counterpart Stepan Poltorak signed a Declaration of Intent between the Minister of National Defence for the Department of National Defence of Canada and the Minister of Defence for the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

The document, a brief one-page missive short on detail but long on rhetoric, and without any legal standing in Canada, Ukraine or in international law, seeks to mask the duplicitous and malevolent nature of the Western Empire's agenda as a detailed examination clearly shows:

1. Introduction
1. The histories of the Canadian and Ukrainian peoples are closely intertwined and our two countries enjoy an abiding friendship.
There is no evidence of an 'abiding friendship' prior to Canada's recognition of Ukrainian independence in December 1991. Since then, there have been very little activity between the two nations until Ukraine flirted with the idea of joining the European Union (EU) in 2010. Since then, Canada has exploited every opportunity to add yet another Baltic nation state to the Western Empire, akin to Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and a flurry of bilateral activity ensued.
1. (cont.) We share an enduring commitment to democratic values, a staunch respect for human rights and are committed to a rules-based international order.
Canada's commitment to democratic values is completely and wholly selective as proven by its lack of transparency in negotiating the Canada-China Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement. On the issue of human rights, Canada has a very poor record given that successive regimes have a long history of authoritarian rule over, and arbitrary judgements upon, their indigenous population by repeatedly trampling on their human rights and, in its selective interpretation of the rule of law, disenfranchising the native inhabitants of their historical rights and title to their lands. Thus there is no evidence that Canada is committed to a rules-based system of international order: a situation that is exemplified by its failure to enshrine this current Declaration of Intent into either nations national or international law.
1. (cont.) We treasure the same values and aspire to the ideals of peace, democracy, and prosperity for our countries, our communities, and our citizens.
There is no proof that Canada treasures the same values as Ukraine, whatever they may be, while an aspiration to the ideal of peace, democracy and prosperity is, just that, a lofty aspiration that no country in the world has ever achieved, yet.
1. (cont.) We recognize the importance of healthy and vibrant state institutions in meeting those aspirations.
The importance of state institutions is paramount to the Western Empire in gaining complete control over, and the continued subjugation of, its people.
2. Content
1. Together, Canada and Ukraine face a turbulent world characterized by terrorism, arms proliferation, and thinly veiled attempts by states in some quarters to destabilize their neighbours.
Terrorism is a term that is selectively defined and acted upon by the regimes who espouse it the most for their own nefarious purposes. As history records, terrorism is the latest 'ism' following in the wake of the West's wars against communism and then socialism in the 1950's, 60's, 70's and 80's. As for the proliferation of arms, it is the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council who are the most prolific suppliers of weapons while the destabilisation of Ukraine is known to have began in earnest in December 2013 when Merkel failed to secure Yanukovych's signature for the Ukrainian-EU Association Agreement.
1. (cont.) Russia has flagrantly violated the territorial integrity of Ukraine and continues its efforts to intimidate and undermine the democratically elected government in Kyiv. In doing so it has shown complete disregard for the international laws and norms that underpin the peace and security of the Euro-Atlantic area.
The West, in the guise of MI6, the CIA and its EU apparatchiks, have been in Ukraine for some time, actively subverting state power in late 2013, early 2014, and assisted in the coup d'état that ousted the pro-Russian Yanukovych government in February 2014. Russia's involvement in the region has been limited to the humanitarian assistance of the ethnic Russian Ukrainian's and rendering the help necessary to prevent them from being marginalised, disenfranchised and ethnically cleansed from their own homelands. The current Kiev regime is simply a corrupt and authoritarian cabal of puppets installed by the West who, through their own own internecine behaviour, are actively undermining themselves.
1. (cont.) The international community must now work together to help Ukraine as it faces a serious threat to its own peace and security.
The 'international community' here means the Western Empire who will do whatever it takes to gain control of Ukraine and bring it into the Wests' orbit of influence and control. The only threat the Ukraine faces is from the West who have a track record of being warmongers.
3. Intent
1. Canada and Ukraine are committed to continue working together to strengthen the capacity of the Ukrainian Government and its security forces, to defend Ukraine's territorial integrity and its people, and to uphold and promote the institutions that serve the well being of its society. We have already achieved important successes in this regard, from years of military training and cooperation offered through Canada's Military Training and Cooperation Program, to bilateral financial and equipment contributions, to strengthening multilateral collaboration through the Joint Commission.
Ukraine's territorial integrity is threatened only by the West who see it as an opportunity to carve it up for economic exploitation and push its NATO border further east while rendering its people as slaves to the Western Empire. As for 'strengthening the capacity' of the Ukrainian regime and its security forces: this is more accurately defined as the creation of an environment that intimidates and stifles all dissent by the people, thus ensuring complete conformity to the new status quo. On the subject of military training and cooperation, there is no evidence that Canada's Military Training and Cooperation Program has ever achieved anything in Ukraine given the current state of the country: both the financial and equipment contributions by Canada are designed to enable the militarisation of its security services, akin to the West where a neo-fascist doctrine is employed by their authoritarian regimes, and thereby provoke a commensurate response from its people so the regime can label them as lawless trouble-makers, try them in biased courts and jail them in privately owned and operated gaols to further enrich the European Empire.
2. We declare our intent to continue working together to explore ways in which to build upon these gains, particularly as concerns defence capacity-building through the provision of general support training such as military police, medical and personal protective measures.
The only intent of the Canadian regime is to further facilitate the agenda of their corporate masters who are desperate to exploit another country brought to its knees by the subversive activities of the Western Empire. The opportunities for lucrative contracts in support of the military, its security services, the medical industry and infrastructure projects, in rebuilding the nation they helped to destroy, is their only objective.
3. Through such future cooperation we seek to contribute to the enhancement of democratic Ukrainian institutions by working shoulder to shoulder to exploit opportunities on current and future security concerns.
Canada only seeks to contribute to the Ukrainian 'democratic institutions', a euphemism that includes amongst its objectives the complete subjugation of the people, if, as they openly admit, it can 'exploit the opportunities' on current and future security concerns. Thus, in that last sentence of the Declaration of Intent, Canada enshrines it rights and Ukraine its obligations. Canada expects to be rewarded for helping to create and maintain the new status quo.

Finally, directly underneath the signature block for the respective ministers is an important caveat to the agreement:

This Declaration of Intent does not represent a legally binding commitment between Canada and Ukraine under international law or under Canadian or Ukrainian law.
The inclusion of this caveat is telling: neither country wishes to be legally bound, either nationally or internationally, given that it would expose them to the detailed scrutiny and oversight of their actions they are seeking to avoid. Furthermore, the Declaration of Intent is between the Defence Ministers of nation states who can easily invoke the need for national security if called upon to discuss or give details of their activities.

In essence, both the Canadian and Ukrainian regimes have entered into a non-legally binding agreement that is neither subject to parliamentary or democratic oversight.

Nonetheless, the Canadian regimes reward will be preferential treatment in the awarding of contracts by Ukraine for the various goods and services it will need in rebuilding the nation state. Similarly, Germany, Poland, the UK and the US, who are all implicated in the subversion and subsequent coup d'état of February 2014, will be vying for their share of the spoils. Naturally, local, regional and national businesses will be decimated and their workforces eviscerated as they will not not be able to compete with the global multinationals who are already eyeing their targets.

More importantly, for the Ukrainians, is what this Declaration of Intent really means:

The Western Empire, via its vassal state Canada, is exporting its neo-fascist military police to advise, train and mentor the security services in Ukraine in the use of the equipment it intends to supply and the techniques used by their own security services. This militarised approach to the policing of civilian populations is designed to intimidate the people into foregoing their democratic right to a peaceful protest. If protesters should persist in exercising their rights then the security services will arbitrarily use their discretionary powers to either bottle, kettle or otherwise provoke a reaction to justify their own use of force. Once force is used, the mechanisms of state will first and foremost protect the perpetrators of the illegal action, invariably the security services or an agent provocateur, and then focus on the public by seeking to make an example of a minority to subdue the majority.

The Ukrainian people are about to experience the Western neo-fascist approach to the management of public dissent.

In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
George Orwell