Erdogan Authors His Own Demise in Russian Servicemen's Blood

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By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 28 November 2015

The Obama regime is visibly seething and its coalition puppets operating in the Middle East are desperate to assuage its anger.

While the counter-insurgency campaign being waged by the Russian Air Force in Syria has been an overwhelming success thus far, the current Despot in Charge (DIC) in the White House, Obama, his incompetent military strategists in the Pentagon and the US coalition of the coerced, are clearly vexed: the DIC's coalition in the Middle East, i.e. a sycophantic collection of military voyeurs masquerading as a counter-insurgency force who are primarily engaged in the task of facilitating regime change in Syria whilst maintaining chaos throughout the region for geo-political and military strategic purposes, are consumed with rage having had their quest for regional supremacy thwarted by a much smaller, and more efficient, Russian force.

The Turkish dictator, Erdogan, a latecomer to the overt campaign of the US coalition to usurp the democratically elected President of Syria, Bashar al-Assad, has actually been involved in the Syrian debacle from the beginning, in early 2011, when the CIA, MI6 and the Israeli Mossad inspired colour revolution first began: Erdogan's initial role in the campaign was to facilitate the training, arming and funding of Syrian separatists and various al-Qaeda terrorists, of differing affiliations, and then, as the situation deteriorated even further, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), as part of a series of military operations by the US coalition to generate regional chaos. It is a known fact and now common knowledge that the Erdogan regime have profited handsomely from this illegal trade: the key sponsors of terrorism in the Middle East are known to be Jordan, Kuwait, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, the UK and the US, who have all poured money and munitions into the region via Turkey.

Thus Erdogan's perceived neutrality, in the early stages of the US coalitions attempted coup d'état of Syria, was nothing less than a carefully orchestrated campaign by the vast majority of the mainstream media who have become servile broadcasters of propaganda rather than independent arbiters of the truth.

In the beginning, Erdogan's regime provided the necessary forward operating bases for MI6 and the CIA as they infiltrated the Syrian heartlands to foment civil unrest. As the operation unfolded and more and more Syrian Army defectors arrived in southern Turkey, having been bribed by the West, the Turkish National Intelligence Organisation (MIT) began training and equipping them for future operations. By the middle of that year, in July 2011, a small but significant group of MIT trained insurgent recruits had amassed on the Syrian-Turkish border where they announced the creation of the Free Syrian Army (FSA). Erdogan, and the other sponsors of terror in the Middle East, have continued to support these terrorists with military equipment and supplies ever since.

Subsequently, given the inability of the FSA to facilitate the regime change in Syria the West has long since planned, Erdogan has continued to provide the conduit through which terrorists of every stripe could pass as long as they were intent on subverting the Syrian State. Thus, al-Qaeda, a terrorist group who had not been able to maintain a foothold in Syria until early 2012, have, akin to the FSA, been given every assistance. By late 2013, early 2014, as large swathes of civil society in Syria fled from their new sectarian oppressors and in the power vacuum created by a mutinous Syrian Army, ISIL emerged to fill the void. However, none of these terrorist organisations have been able to fulfil their primary objective, as dictated by the Obama regime, that of ousting the Syrian President al-Assad.

Nonetheless, Erdogan has profited enormously from this constant flow of military equipment traversing the Turkish-Syrian border in a southerly direction and, even more so from the oil that was being trucked north into Turkey for sale on the black market, until recently. Thus, Erdogan is desperate for the status quo to remain, not least for the revenue he hopes to accrue from this illegal trade but also because he is a member of the US coalition who wants to install a puppet regime in Syria and can see that lofty objective becoming increasingly unlikely as the Russian Air Campaign continues to neuter the terrorists he has spent years creating.

It is in this context that the events of 24 November 2015 should be viewed.

When the Turkish F-16 deliberately shot down a Russian Sukhoi SU-24M in Syrian airspace it was clearly an intentional provocation seeking to elicit a military response from President Putin that would enable Turkey to invoke the collective protection clause of NATO. Naturally, President Putin did not rise to the bait and NATO has since stepped back from the issue having recognised that Erdogan's usefulness is at an end and he is in serious danger of becoming a strategic liability.

That Erdogan will find the Kurdish PKK, a significant minority in Turkey who have been denied cultural, political and self-determination rights by successive ruling regimes, more heavily armed in the future is not in doubt.

Clearly Erdogan is the author of his own demise having written it in the blood of Russian servicemen.

Those who do not jump before they are pushed have lost the initiative.
Ann-Marie de Veer