Cameron Targets the British Public in Operation Hellfire

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ISIL control and support zones in Iraq and Syria. Courtesy: Open Source

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 18 July 2015

In August 2013 David Cameron received a severe drubbing in the House of Commons when the assembled Members of Parliament (MP's) delivered a slim majority against his warmongering plans in Syria. The vote, 285-272, effectively ruled out the UK joining the US led air strikes that have since become synonymous with not only the death of countless innocent civilians and the destruction of their properties but the total abject failure of a counter-insurgency campaign against a group of terrorists the US and the UK had created just two years earlier, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

Fast forward almost two years to early last week when Cameron, the authoritarian head of an illegitimate regime in the UK, refloated the idea of direct military intervention in Syria. On this occasion his proposals received much less attention in the mainstream media as he sought to manipulate public opinion, unlike the blanket coverage of his earlier gung-ho bravado support for the military voyeurism of the Obama regime in 2013. There is no doubt whatsoever that Cameron was capitalising on the nations grief for the innocent Britons slain in Tunisia by ISIL as he advocated for air strikes and Special Air Service (SAS) operations in the war-torn country.

Cue Operation Hellfire: the targeting of innocent civilians by terrorists that were created, trained and supported by the Cameron regime in furtherance of an ill-fated foreign policy.

The notion that ISIL, akin to the Mujahideen and al-Qaeda, is a spontaneous eruption of radical jihadism born of religious fervour alone is completely and utterly false. The truth is the US, in particular, and the UK, as its sycophantic vassal, have long since been engaged in nefarious practices all over the world: it is a matter of public record that the US and UK regimes have sponsored a myriad of aid organisations and ad hoc NGO's in collaboration with their rogue intelligence agencies, the CIA and MI6, for the creation, training, funding and ongoing resupply of numerous terrorist groups in support of their global hegemonic aspirations.

While previous military operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have been enormously successful in the creation of a radicalised minority that could be used for terrorist activities both in theatre and at home, the subsequent withdrawal of the majority of foreign forces in these countries have seriously reduced these opportunities. The CIA and MI6 inspired Arab Spring, that swept throughout the Middle East from late 2010 until late 2012, have left just two hotbeds of anarchy in the area, Libya and Syria. Both of these countries have since become the primary recruitment zones and training grounds for the latest group of US and UK inspired radical terrorists, ISIL.

Logistic support vehicles bound for ISIL in Syria. Courtesy: Open Source

Thus, having created a new foe and unleashed them upon an innocent foreign public, the role has since shifted to one of funding and resupply. Of course, it is common knowledge that most of this work was previously routed through the cities of Oncupinar and Tal Abyad in Turkey, where hundreds of vehicles crossed into Syria on a daily basis carrying weapons, ammunition and food supplies to ISIL from their NATO suppliers. However, both of these routes have since dried up following adverse media reports and intense public scrutiny.

Clearly, a key objective of the US regime, and its primary vassal state, the UK, is to maintain the chaos and turmoil they have created in the Middle East to facilitate their hegemonic aspirations in the region. Cameron's plans for a parliamentary mandate to resume the heinous crime of aiding and abetting the terrorists he helped to create, this time via direct airlifts from Cyprus and the UK, is just a continuation of his ill-fated foreign policy.

The depravity of Cameron's Operation Hellfire, akin to Operation Gladio in Italy that spanned from 1956 to the late 1980's where NATO created, facilitated and even took part in terrorist activities against so-called communist sympathisers who terrorised the Italian public, is mercenary, callous and morally repugnant. The facts are now abundantly clear: Cameron has facilitated the creation of a terrorist organisation, ISIL, trained them, provided material and financial support and even assisted in the targeting of British nationals for the primary purpose of an ill-fated hegemonic foreign policy.

If the Cameron regime gets the parliamentary authority it needs to conduct direct military operations in Syria then Operation Hellfire will have been a success and the perpetuation of terrorism will be assured.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
Edmund Burke