Cameron's Foreign Policy is Soaked in the Blood of Innocent Britons

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Injured Briton loaded aboard RAF C-17 Globemaster at Sousse, Tunisia bound for RAF Brize Norton, UK. Courtesy: Sgt Neil Bryden RAF

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 4 July 2015

On the 25 June 2015, in Kobane, Syria, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) detonated three car bombs close to the Syrian-Turkish border crossing killing 146 people. The next day, on the 26 June, 260 km east of Kobane in Al Hasakah, eastern Syria, another 20 people were slaughtered by an ISIL suicide bomber. Then, on the same day, in France, Kuwait and Tunisia a further 63 people were killed by ISIL: one was beheaded in a factory, Saint-Quentin-Fallavier, France; 24 were bombed in a Mosque near Kuwait and another 38 were gunned down on a beach and in its adjacent hotel at Port El Kantaoui, Sousse, Tunisia.

Not unexpectedly, most of the mainstream media in the West focused their attention on the events in France and Tunisia, not least because the majority of the victims were of Caucasian origin: the bombing of the Imam, Sadiq Mosque in Kuwait, where 24 Muslims were killed plus a further 202 were injured, received scant coverage in the press while the 166 Muslims who died in Kobane and Al Hasakah, Syria failed to hardly register among Western publishers. Nonetheless, the body count at the hands of ISIL in just two days, as of 3 July, totalled 229 plus a further 253 injured.

Clearly the message emanating from the carnage wrought by the jihadist adherents was loud and clear: Operation Inherent Resolve, a US Empire inspired military operation ostensibly mounted to counter and neutralise the threat posed by ISIL in Iraq and Syria, had, if anything, exacerbated the situation raging in that region and caused it to spread even further afield.

Nonetheless, while it is common knowledge and a matter of public record that the rise of al-Qaeda and the creation of ISIL in Syria was engineered by both the US and the UK, via their rogue agencies, the CIA and MI6, and with the help of their vassal states in the Gulf and Turkey, there is woefully scant coverage of this fact in the mainstream media. Clearly, the majority of Western media outlets have abdicated their solemn duty to the general public of being independent arbiters of the truth and opted for the more lucrative role of becoming stenographers to whatever regime is in power.

Similarly, the notion that the attack on the mostly British holidaymakers on the beach at Port El Kantaoui, Sousse, Tunisia was a complete surprise has also proven to be patently false. In a warning shot fired across the bows of HMS Britania, a highly active participant of Operation Inherent Resolve, one of the Tunisian branches of ISIL, Ajnad al-Khilafah, made their future intentions clear after the Bardo National Museum massacre in March 2015 where 22 people were gunned down: the organisation tweeted in April:

To the Christians planning their summer vacations in Tunisia, we cant accept u in our land while your jets keep killing our Muslim Brothers in Iraq & Sham (sic. Sham aka. Levant)
But if u insist on coming then beware because we are planning for u something that will make you forget #Bardoattack (sic).

The murderous gunman on this occasion was Seifeddine Rezgui, a 23 year old engineering student studying at Kairouan Univesity, Tunisia, who is now known to have trained with the Bardo National Museum gunmen, Yassine Labidi and Saber Khachnaoui at Sabratha, Libya in January 2015. They are all known to be members of Ajnad al-Khilafah, an off-shoot of the hardline Ansar al-Sharia Tunisian ISIL group, founded by Saifallah Ben Hassine. Hassine arrived in Britain in the late 1990s and became a follower of the al-Qaeda cleric, Abu Qatada, who was also based in London.

Thus, the notion that the British security agencies, MI6 and GCHQ, were not aware of this threat is utterly inconceivable. It is also inconceivable and equally improbable that these agencies had not advised the Cameron regime of the increasing security risks in the area: and yet it chose not to act.

Clearly, there can be no doubt about the intentions of the Cameron regime on this issue: the lives of these innocent Britons were expendable in their ongoing quest for regional and global hegemony. That the death and destruction wrought by ISIL is not just actively encouraged but positively countenanced at every level within Cameron's coterie, as a tool for the control and manipulation of the general public both at home and abroad, is irrefutable. Moreover, the security threats that once never existed, until Cameron and his predecessors created them, are now used as the justification for the creation and implementation of a myriad of draconian laws and regulations aimed at eroding the democratic rights and freedoms of the people.

As for the dead and injured in France, Kuwait, Syria, Tunisia and now the UK: they are merely collateral damage of an Empire that has no respect whatsoever for its own citizens.

The truth is: Cameron's foreign policy is soaked in the blood of innocent Britons.

The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.
Henry Mencken