Bombs Away! Ukrainian Junta Resumes its Policy of Ethnic Cleansing

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Donetsk: Civilian housing destroyed by artillery fire on Sunday 18 January 2014. Courtesy: Mikhail Parhomenko

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 24 January 2015

On Sunday 18 January 2015, the Ukrainian Junta (Junta) resumed its ethnic cleansing offensive against the freedom fighters in the southeast of the country: yet another act of unprovoked aggression and a flagrant disregard of the Minsk Protocol (English / Russian) (Protocol) they signed on 5 September 2014 in Belarus. As the Donetsk region came under renewed attack from the heavy weapons that were meant to be withdrawn as part of the Protocol, artillery shells, missiles and even bombs rained down upon an innocent civilian population killing over 30 men, women and children. The body count had simply become yet another statistic among the records of collateral damage in a conflict that has claimed over 4800 lives and wounded more than 10,400 others.

Naturally, the majority of the mainstream media were focused elsewhere while all this was going on: propping up the Western Empire as it sought to make political capital out of the latest false flag incidents in Paris. The fact that three young French Muslim men, who had become irrevocably disenfranchised by the French regime and utterly disaffected by its illegal military voyeurism primarily aimed at Islamic countries in the Middle East, were recruited, funded and armed by the UK and the US, via MI6 and the CIA, to carry out the atrocities is common knowledge. The trail of evidence is quite compelling and yet it failed to make the headlines in the mainstream media as the Western Empire seized the opportunity to promote the case for even more draconian domestic security measures.

Meanwhile, back in eastern Europe:

The Ukrainian Junta and the NATO War Machine also seized the opportunity of a distracted public to pursue its military objectives: to further probe the freedom fighters defences as they ready themselves for a spring offensive. While the Protocol clearly calls for a ceasefire and the establishment of a 15 km wide buffer zone each side of the belligerents respective lines of control plus the withdrawal of heavy weapons a further 8-120 km behind these lines, dependent on the type of weapons system deployed: the Kiev regime have failed to uphold their side of the agreement by launching sporadic incursions into the buffer area between the lines of control and using artillery and rocket launches from within their exclusion zone.

Minsk Protocol: Map of Ukrainian & Freedom Fighter Lines of Control and the Freedom Fighter Controlled Area. Courtesy: Open Source

As the Minsk Protocol makes clear:

4. Within twenty four hours from the moment of the adoption of this Memorandum—the withdrawal of the means of destruction of caliber above 100 mm to a distance of not less than 15 km away from the line of contact, on each side (with the exception of those noted below), including from settlements, which would make it possible to create an area of the cessation of use of weapons of not less than 30 km in width (security area). At the same time, withdraw artillery systems of calibre above 100 mm to the maximum distance of their firing range away from the line of contact, and, in particular:
100 mm Cannon MT-12—9 km; 120 mm Mortars—8 km; 122 mm Howitzer D-30 (2S1 Gvozdika)—16 km; 152 mm 2S5 Giatsint-S (2S3 Akatsiya, 2S19 Msta-S, 2A65 Msta-B)—33 km; MLRS 9K51 Grad—21 km; 9K57 Uragan—36 km; 9K58 Smerch—70 km; MLRS Tornado-G—40 km; MLRS Tornado-U—70 km; MLRS Tornado-S—120 km;
Tactical missile systems—120 km.

What is even more disturbing than the continuation of hostilities and the Junta's illegal use of heavy weapons on Donetsk and surrounding areas is the aerial bombardment of Makeevka and Gorlovkas by the Ukrainian Air Force. This was not a targeted attack using line of sight or smart weapon technology but the illegal indiscriminate targeting of civilian populations from an altitude above the cloud base that precluded any form of precision.

Again, as the Minsk Protocol states:

7. The prohibition, from the moment of the adoption of this Memorandum, of the flights of combat aircraft and foreign unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAV”), with the exception of the UAVs used by the monitoring (observer) mission of the OSCE, along the entire line of contact between the sides in the area of the cessation of the use of weapons, to the width of not less than 30 km.

Of course, it is common knowledge that the Junta have been using its irregular forces, the militia's, to carry out attacks throughout the winter on the freedom fighters whilst its regular forces regroup, retrain and rearm for a renewed campaign when the season changes. The skirmishes have not so much sought to regain territory lost earlier in the conflict but to harass and weaken the enemy in preparation for a spring offensive. That the Junta claims its militia's have been ordered to withdraw in accordance with the Protocol and that it has little, or no, control over them is simply not true: the Kiev regime are fully aware of their activities and have continued to support them while its regulars ready themselves for battle.

The Ukrainian Junta, in complete contravention of the Minsk Protocol, has continued to prosecute its illegal policy of ethnically cleansing all Russian Ukrainians in the southeast of the country: murdering innocent men, women and children in their quest for racial purity.

The fact that the Ukrainian Junta have tried to hide their illegal hostilities from the majority of the World's news media while it looks the other way is obvious. It is also obvious that these hostilities were probing activities carried out by their regular forces as a test of their own preparations for the forthcoming campaign and, more importantly, as a tool for the collection of battlefield intelligence: the information learned has already been incorporated into the spring battlefield plan thrashed out by NATO and the Ukrainian Chief of Staff, Viktor Muzhenko, on the 21-22 January 2015 at NATO Headquarters, Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE), near Mons in Belgium. The data was also relayed to the US Army Commanders on the ground, having arrived in Kiev earlier in the week, who directed the subsequent attack on Donetsk on Thursday 22 January 2015 killing yet another 9 innocent civilians and wounding many more. It is these events, and the failure of successive Normandy talks aimed at supplementing the Minsk Protocol with the last meeting being held on the 21 January 2015 in Berlin Germany, that clearly demonstrate the true intent of the Junta and its sponsors, aka. the US regime and the NATO Warmongering Machine.

In other words, the Ukrainian Junta have no intention whatsoever of peacefully settling their dispute with the freedom fighters in the southeast of the country and plan to ethnically cleanse the area of all Russian Ukrainians in the spring offensive.

All warfare is based on deception. There is no place where espionage is not used. Offer the enemy bait to lure him.
孙武, 《孙子兵法》 (Sun Wu, 'Art of War')