Afghanistan Mission Complete: Next Stop Ukraine

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Courtesy: Mike Smith

By Ann-Marie de Veer
Saturday 31 May 2014

As the western military complex winds down in Afghanistan and the opportunity for direct intervention in Syria has been excluded, both the UK and US regimes have now re-focused their attention on their loss of geo-political supremacy in the Ukraine.

Like other nation states of the Baltic region, i.e. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus that were once part of the former United Soviet Socialist Republic (USSR) until it was dissolved in December 1991, Ukraine's path to statehood has relied on both Russian and European support. Nonetheless, the fact that Ukraine offered the western military complex, and NATO in particular, its deep water seaport in the Crimean and effectively moved the NATO border further east as a pretext to counter a future nuclear armed Iran, was a coup de grâce for western military planners and strategists.

Russia's displeasure is hardly surprising in the face of such duplicity.

However, as events have unfolded over the last six decades, all is not well in the geo-political empire and has not been for some time:

In Southeast Asia the policy of containment has already failed: a state of détente remains on the Korean peninsular; Vietnam waged a war of attrition against the US and won; Laos and Cambodia eventually neutralised its CIA insurgents; Myanmar regained its independence from the UK and the encirclement of new China has faltered. And now, much to the chagrin of the neo-colonialists, the region is the powerhouse of the world's economy, with China its engine, while western nations limp along, hobbled by government debt, the failure of multiculturalism and rapacious corporatism.

More recently, in the middle-east, central and southern Asia:

The second incursion into Iraq in 2003 was both an unjustified and illegal war, being nothing more than pure military voyeurism by sociapathic despots playing games with nation states. The Afghanistan war, another subversive plot by the CIA gone wrong, has been running for over thirteen years and like most of the ventures run by the western military complex it has been a foreign policy disaster and, more importantly, created a human catastrophe of, as yet, unknown proportions.

But this is of no consequence to the US/UK neo-imperial economic empire run by despotic regimes and corporate gangsters at the expense of their tax-paying public. The fact that Iraq, and now Afghanistan are mired in internecine wars effectively removes any threat that they once may have posed to the empire. Syria is also on the list of desired territorial acquisitions, and while overt action remains off-limits, the covert subversion of state power by MI6 and CIA insurgents continue.

Which brings us back to Ukraine.

There is already compelling evidence of MI6 and CIA insurgency and subversion in the region and these activities will continue unless countered by Russian loyalists. If Ukraine should succumb to the 'golden hello' from the US/UK neo-imperial economic empire and its obsequious sycophantic recruits in Europe, then it should expect nothing more than their geo-political exploitation as a NATO buffer state and look forward to an eviscerated economy as greedy western corporatists take over their markets. With Poroshenko as president, a pro-European corporatist, the prognosis does not look good.

In other words, our neo-imperial economic empire may have economically colonised a few nation states and caused some 'collateral damage' over the last sixty years, but it is all in a good cause; corpocracy and the serfdom of our taxpayers who pay for it. You there in Ukraine need to get ready for our corporate takeover of your economy and, more importantly, we will want to play war games in the Black Sea. Naturally, some of your businesses will not be required by our corporatists and a few people will be killed in the process but such is the cost of progress.

Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.